New Songs

I recently lead worship at a conference in Katy TX.  Here are a few songs I introduced (MP3's on the bottom of each list).

"On That Morning"
On That Morning_Rhythm(Bb)
On That Morning_Rhythm(F)
On That Morning_Lead(Bb)
On That Morning_Lead(F)
On That Morning_LYRIC
On That Morning_Chords(Bb)
On That Morning_Chords(F) 
On That Morning MP3 (Bb)
On That Morning MP3 (F) 


"Let Me Count the Ways"
Let me Count the Ways_Rhythm(G)
Let Me Count the Ways_Rhythm(F)
Let Me Count the Ways_Lead(G)
Let Me Count the Ways_Lead(F)
Let Me Count the Ways_LYRIC 
Let Me Count the Ways_Chords(G)
Let Me Count the Ways_Chords(F)
Let Me Count the Ways MP3 (G) 


"To Love"
To Love_Rhythm(Db)
To Love_Rhythm(C)
To Love_Chords(Db)
To Love_Chords(C) 
To Love MP3 (Db)


Thieves On A Cross & We Will Rise

Looking for Easter songs?  Try these two:

God of the Living - ccli #7007340

September's featurs song is the 4th track on the new "Gathered" EP.  What better way to worship than to quote straight from scripture!

Download the Rhythm Chart: God of the Living
Download the Chord/Lyric Chart: God of the Living 





The Dignity of the Cross - ccli #6570787

This month's feature song is the 3rd track on my new EP, "Gathered."  Jesus love, shown for us by his death on the cross, should be given the highest praise.  

Download the Rhythm Chart: The Dignity of the Cross(Ab)

Available for purchase on all digital stores, or at the store

The King Is Calling - ccli #6570763

A great tune to uses as a call to worship!


Download Rhythm Chart: The King Is Calling Rhythm Chart(A)
Available for purchase on all digital stores, or at the store

Free to Worship(Live) - ccli #6318781

Download FREE mp3:  Free to Worship (Live) mp3 
Download Cover Art:  Free to Worship (Live) Cover Art
Download Melody: Free to Worship - Bulletin Melody
Download Rhythm Chart: Free to Worship (Live) Rhythm Chart 
Download Lead Sheet: Free to Worship (Live) Lead Sheet  
Download Lyric/Chord Sheet:  Free to Worship (Live) Lyric/Chord Sheet 

Free to Worship Video:



Feature Song: The Grace of God 


Purchase it on itunes: Kip Fox - The Grace of God 
Download cover art:  The Grace of God Cover Art
Download Rhythm Chart: The Grace of God Rhythm(D)  
Download Capo Rhythm Chart: The Grace of God Rhythm(G) 

The Grace of God Video


Feature Song: This Dust - ccli # 6241229

This week's feature song is from the "This Dust" EP.  It's called, "This Dust."  The truth is that death is a powerful force in this world.  This song addresses our desperate state as human beings and celebrates the answer - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Download Rhythm Chart: This Dust Rhythm(Eb)
Download Capo Rhythm Chart: This Dust Rhythm(C)
Download Lead Sheet: This Dust Lead Sheet
Download Lyric/Chord Chart: This Dust Lyric/Chord Chart
Download Lyric/Chord Capo Chart: This Dust Lyric/Chord Capo Chart
Download mp3: This Dust mp3 

Feautre Song Video: This Dust

Feature Song: Thieves On A Cross - ccli# 6241212

This week's feature song is from the "This Dust" EP.  It's called "Thieves On A Cross."  One of my favorite passages of scripture is the exchange between Jesus and the thieves on the cross. As believers we acknowledge that we all fall short and deserve God's wrath.  Glory be to our Savior, Jesus, who came to our side and took the punishment for us on the cross so that we would be set free from death.

Download Rhythm Chart:  Thieves On A Cross Rhythm(G)
Downolad Capo Rhythm Chart:  Thieves On A Cross Rhythm(D)
Download Lead Sheet:  Thieves On A Cross Lead Sheet
Download Lyric/Chord Chart:  Thieves On A Cross Lyric/Chord
Download mp3:  Thieves On A Cross mp3 

Feature Song VIDEO: Thieves On A Cross

Feature Song: Redemption - ccli #6241205   

This week's featured song is from "This Dust."  It's called Redemption.  Redemption is about our desperate need for God to pick us up and hold us.  We get ourselves lost and hurt and the only way to find rest is for it to be graciously given to us by a loving heavenly Father.  


Download Rhythm Chart: Redemption Rhythm(B)  
Download Capo Rhythm Chart: Redemption Rhythm(G)  
Download Lead Sheet: Redemption Lead Sheet  
Download Lyric/Chord Chart:  Redemption Lyric/Chord  
Download mp3: Redemption mp3 

Feature Song VIDEO: Redemption


Feature Song: We Respond - ccli #6241236   

This week's featured song is a brand new tune, called "We Respond."  It's about us acknowledging the gifts and responding with praise to our Three-In-One God.  This song of mine was recorded and released by the Armchair Project. 


Download Rhythm Chart: We Respond Rhythm(G)
Download Lead Sheet: We Respond Lead Sheet(G)
Download Lyric/Chord Chart: We Respond Lyric/Chord Chart(G)
Download mp3: mp3

Feature Song VIDEO: We Respond